Monday, August 24, 2015

Rosebud Experience and Lakota Rodeo Camp

The Rosebud experience was a great success with the record attendance of over 30 students from both Sioux Falls seminary and Wiconi international. the class was very successful and we thank God for all those who attended we feel that there was much good done as we interacted with a local Lakota people and learn more about their culture and traditions. 
The Lakota rodeo camp was also very successful with lots of little boys riding steers. Mike Lee did a wonderful job training the kids in the rodeo events other instructors worked in the horse section and it was very successful. These two events are the largest projects of my year and I am grateful for the outcome of them. Thanks to the Lutheran church of Hope for their financial support of the rodeo camp. 

The beginner's music camp at Brennans rock-and-roll Academy was a great success and I led drum circles facilitated them and gave the children opportunities to have experiences on instruments that they never played. It was a great time. Brennans rock-and-roll Academy continues to be a wonderful free music lesson center that serves many Native American Youth. 

Next I will be preparing to relocate to Kansas and Oklahoma for the next nine months doing various Native American projects there with the Church of God as a part of my support. Thanks to all who contribute financially to keep this ministry alive and active. 

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