Monday, June 15, 2015

Corkys update

Before I leave to go back to the southeast to visit with my family I wanted to review my activities completed last year.

Played disability centers by providing movement music programs

Played church services and camp meetings

Co-Directed an all Indian rodeo camp

Attended Native American ceremonies my invitation standing in as family

Assisted and graduate credit immersion class on rosebud reservation working with Sioux Falls seminary

Recorded and released two music albums

Worked as a teachers assistant at children's home Society in Sioux Falls in the Loving school

Traveled and played worship music with the all Lakota band Whitehorse

Assisted in one building project on the reservation

Taught music at the Brandon rock-and-roll academy weekly in Sioux Falls South Dakota

Had one book chapter and one book review published

Played house concerts in Sioux Falls South Dakota area 

attended three day cultural training for state licensed recovery programs under the leadership of all native Lakota instructors

Attended North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies at Wheaton College, Ill.

Please keep in mind that my activities are always increasing and we are working with the Lakota for empowerment and to engage their culture. So please be aware of my donate button on this blog that takes you directly to PayPal where you can support my ministry. God bless you all. 

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