Sunday, November 30, 2014

Corky's Revised Schedule for 2015

2015 Events-Corky Alexander

January                        Book note and book chapter released


March                          5-7 Wichita- Church of God Prayer Conference
                                    8-fundraising in Kansas churches
                                    13-14 PBR Sioux Falls
                                    Home Trip

April                            24-25 Dakota Conference-Center For Western Studies (Sioux Falls)
                                    Home Trip

May                             Basketball Camp-Mission SD

June                             North American Institute For Indigenous Theological Studies
                                    Chicago, IL
                                    Cowboy and Indian Camp-Mission SD

July                             Rosebud Experience-Mission SD
                                    White Horse Ministry Band-Navajo Fair-Window Rock AZ


September                   Home camping trip

October                       Music Camp-Mission SD
                                    White Shield Outreach-White Horse Ministry Band-White Shield ND


December                    Home Christmas Trip

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