Saturday, March 2, 2013

 Greetings, Friends and Supporters! There is a lot going on with me since the first of the year. On some Sundays I have been going to Living Waters Church in Cherokee, N.C. to support Pastor Jack Russell and his fine congregation. The congregation includes some very historic descendants of leaders and the entire congregation has been very sweet and welcoming. It is about a 2 hour drive for me and I have had a rockslide and snow situation that prevented me, but I'm going to keep going.

  Great Loss
 We suffered a great loss recently in the passing of Dr. Richard Twiss. He was in Washington D.C. and suffered a massive heart attack. He was the most visible leader of the Native American Contextual Movement. He was scheduled to review my book at the Society For Pentecostal Studies in March at Seattle Pacific University. He will be sorely missed and I will miss his personal encouragement greatly. Pray for J.R. Lilly, his personal assistant that I introduced to Richard. If you are interested go to the link to be able to watch the memorial that will be streamed via the internet.

The SPS meeting in Seattle in March will also welcome to the missions/intercultural studies group (of which I am the group leader) Dr. Randy Woodley, who will be responding to a review of his book by J.R. Lilly.

  Book Series
The third significant item I want to mention is my appointment as book editor of a series "Native American Contextual Movement" by Centre For Pentecostal Studies in Cleveland TN. The series is published on the imprint Cherohala Press, and will feature my book "Native American Pentecost" as the first, then followed by dissertations and theses by Cheryl Bear and Eric Bates (son of preacher Tommy Bates).

Lakota Rodeo Camp
The last item I want to mention is that along with Shane Red Hawk (pictured), I will be conducting a Rodeo Camp for kids on the Lakota Rosebud Reservation in Mission, South Dakota during the month of July. For those of you who have not been familiar with the camps I directed in East Tennessee, it is a three day camp in which bull riding and barrel racing champions mentor young people in both their rodeo event skills and their personal lives. The young boys ride small steers FYI! There is a great rodeo community there and to date I have secure Wiley Petersen from the Professional Bull Riders for the bull riding instructor. This has been historically a $5000 project and as always I have no money right now. I am also towards the end of my support money so anything you can do will be greatly appreciated and will give glory to God. I just believe you should go and do what needs to be done and God will send people to help you! You are that people-bless you all!

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